This is a middleware

Secure is an HTTP middleware for Go that facilitates some quick security wins.

import ""

secure.New(secure.Options{}) // options here


package main

import (

func main() {
    s := secure.New(secure.Options{
        // AllowedHosts is a list of fully qualified domain names
        // that are allowed. Default is empty list,
        // which allows any and all host names.
        AllowedHosts:            []string{""},                                                                                                                         
        // If SSLRedirect is set to true, then only allow HTTPS requests.
        // Default is false.
        SSLRedirect:             true,     
        // If SSLTemporaryRedirect is true,
        // then a 302 will be used while redirecting.
        // Default is false (301).
        SSLTemporaryRedirect:    false,    
        // SSLHost is the host name that is used to
        // redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS.
        // Default is "", which indicates to use the same host.
        SSLHost:                 "",
        // SSLProxyHeaders is set of header keys with associated values
        // that would indicate a valid HTTPS request.
        // Useful when using Nginx: `map[string]string{"X-Forwarded-Proto": "https"}`.
        // Default is blank map.
        SSLProxyHeaders:         map[string]string{"X-Forwarded-Proto": "https"},
        // STSSeconds is the max-age of the Strict-Transport-Security header.
        // Default is 0, which would NOT include the header.
        STSIncludeSubdomains:    true,                                                                                                                                                
        // If STSIncludeSubdomains is set to true,
        // the `includeSubdomains`
        // will be appended to the Strict-Transport-Security header. Default is false.
        STSSeconds:              315360000,                                                                                                                                           
        // If STSPreload is set to true, the `preload`
        // flag will be appended to the Strict-Transport-Security header.
        // Default is false.
        STSPreload:              true,    
        // STS header is only included when the connection is HTTPS.
        // If you want to force it to always be added, set to true.
        // `IsDevelopment` still overrides this. Default is false.
        ForceSTSHeader:          false,  
        // If FrameDeny is set to true, adds the X-Frame-Options header with
        // the value of `DENY`. Default is false.
        FrameDeny:               true,    
        // CustomFrameOptionsValue allows the X-Frame-Options header
        // value to be set with a custom value.
        // This overrides the FrameDeny option.
        CustomFrameOptionsValue: "SAMEORIGIN",
        // If ContentTypeNosniff is true, adds the X-Content-Type-Options
        // header with the value `nosniff`. Default is false.
        ContentTypeNosniff:      true,  
        // If BrowserXssFilter is true, adds the X-XSS-Protection header
        // with the value `1;mode=block`. Default is false.
        BrowserXSSFilter:        true,
        // ContentSecurityPolicy allows the Content-Security-Policy
        // header value to be set with a custom value. Default is "".
        ContentSecurityPolicy:   "default-src 'self'",   
        // PublicKey implements HPKP to prevent
        // MITM attacks with forged certificates. Default is "".
        PublicKey:               `pin-sha256="base64+primary=="; pin-sha256="base64+backup=="; max-age=5184000; includeSubdomains; report-uri=""`,
        // This will cause the AllowedHosts, SSLRedirect,
        //..and STSSeconds/STSIncludeSubdomains options to be ignored during development.
        // When deploying to production, be sure to set this to false.
        IsDevelopment: true,


    iris.Get("/home", func(ctx *iris.Context) {
        ctx.Writef("Hello from /home")


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