MVC loves Sessions

// +build go1.9

package main

import (


// VisitController handles the root route.
type VisitController struct {
    // the current request session,
    // its initialization happens by the dependency function that we've added to the `visitApp`.
    Session *sessions.Session

    // A time.time which is binded from the MVC,
    // order of binded fields doesn't matter.
    StartTime time.Time

// Get handles
// Method: GET
// Path: http://localhost:8080
func (c *VisitController) Get() string {
    // it increments a "visits" value of integer by one,
    // if the entry with key 'visits' doesn't exist it will create it for you.
    visits := c.Session.Increment("visits", 1)
    // write the current, updated visits.
    since := time.Now().Sub(c.StartTime).Seconds()
    return fmt.Sprintf("%d visit from my current session in %0.1f seconds of server's up-time",
        visits, since)

func newApp() *iris.Application {
    app := iris.New()
    sess := sessions.New(sessions.Config{Cookie: "mysession_cookie_name"})

    visitApp := mvc.New(app.Party("/"))
    // bind the current *session.Session, which is required, to the `VisitController.Session`
    // and the time.Now() to the `VisitController.StartTime`.
        // if dependency is a function which accepts
        // a Context and returns a single value
        // then the result type of this function is resolved by the controller
        // and on each request it will call the function with its Context
        // and set the result(the *sessions.Session here) to the controller's field.
        // If dependencies are registered without field or function's input arguments as
        // consumers then those dependencies are being ignored before the server ran,
        // so you can bind many dependecies and use them in different controllers.

    return app

func main() {
    app := newApp()

    // 1. open the browser (no in private mode)
    // 2. navigate to http://localhost:8080
    // 3. refresh the page some times
    // 4. close the browser
    // 5. re-open the browser and re-play 2.
    app.Run(iris.Addr(":8080"), iris.WithoutVersionChecker)

Click here to navigate to learn how to initialize a A Singleton Controller.

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