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Iris can be used to parse and render markdown contents as HTML to the web client.

Markdown(contents []byte, options ...Markdown) (int, error)

It accepts the raw []byte contents and optionally Markdown options structure which contains a single Sanitize bool field. If Sanitize is set to true then it takes a []byte that contains a HTML fragment or document and applies the UGCPolicy. The UGCPolicy is a policy aimed at user generated content that is a result of HTML WYSIWYG tools and Markdown conversions. This is expected to be a fairly rich document where as much markup as possible should be retained. Markdown permits raw HTML so we are basically providing a policy to sanitise HTML5 documents safely but with the least intrusion on the formatting expectations of the user.

func handler(ctx iris.Context) {
    response := []byte(`# Hello Dynamic Markdown -- Iris`)


<h1>Hello Dynamic Markdown &ndash; Iris</h1>

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