Control panel

This is a plugin which is working but still work in progress.

It gives you access to information/stats about your iris server via a web interface.

You need an internet connection the first time you will run this plugin, because the assets don't exist in the repository (but here). The plugin will install these for you at the first run.

How to use

iriscontrol.New(port int, authenticatedUsers map[string]string) iris.IPlugin


package main

import (

func main() {

    iris.Plugins.Add(iriscontrol.New(9090, map[string]string{
        "irisusername1": "irispassword1",
        "irisusername2": "irispassowrd2",
    // ....
    // iriscontrol.New(iriscontrol.Config{...})

    iris.Get("/", func(ctx *iris.Context) {

    iris.Post("/something", func(ctx *iris.Context) {


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